Green Lettuce – nommy fusion cuisine…

My brother was visiting last weekend so we went with friends to a nommy restaurant I hadn’t tried called Green Lettuce.  This was another of these interesting Indian-Chinese fusion restaurants that I’ve only encountered in Vancouver and was much more enjoyable than the last of these fusion restaurants that I tried.

We were hungry hungry hippos, so we ordered a table full of nommy goodness.  For appetizers, we ordered the chicken pakoras.  They were acceptable, but not nearly as tasty as the plate of vegetable pakoras that we ordered after that.  Those were definitely a festival of goodness.


After the pakoras, the food kept coming:  chicken with cashew nuts, masala chicken fried rice, naan, a spicy chicken dish, a beef dish, vegetable korma (for food cancellation purposes) and after all that, we ordered a noodle dish with chicken.  I tried everything except the beef and I must say the food did not disappoint.  The naan wasn’t the fluffy bready treat I’m used to in Indian restaurants, but I’d say the rest of the food more than made up for it.  

ummm....carbolicious rice

Spicy chicken

Les noodles and assorted carnage - nom nom 🙂

Impressive post-meal carnage....

As you can see, we ate and ate and ate…until there was almost nothing left 🙂  I will definitely go back to Green Lettuce for more nommy goodness….and next time I will wear elastic waist band pants 🙂

Green Lettuce is located at 1949 Kingsway Road in Vancouver, BC.


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