Dulcinea – the chocolate cafe

Last week I took my second trip to Dulcinea, located on Denman Street in my lovely West end Vancouver neighbourhood.  I feel bad that this was only my second time there, seeing as it’s a chocolate cafe and therefore should be my second home 🙂  I met a lovely friend of mine for an afternoon coffee and Dulcinea did not disappoint.  Dulcinea offers an assortment of Spanish coffee and tea drinks based on warm, dark chocolate (super nommy!), along with traditional fare such as lattes and herbal tea.  Additionally, there is a good selection of Spanish desserts and savoury snacks.  

My friend had a nommy sandwich, while I opted for a warm chocolate drink and a lava blanca – a chocolate mousse filled with delectable white chocolate gooey goodness….


Sandwich at Dulcinea


Lava blanca....pyramid of ooey gooey goodness...


Chocolate drink from Dulcinea

I love the atmosphere, food and drinks so much that I took my brother to Dulcinea a few days later for a most excellent latte.  Dulcinea is located at 1118 Denman Street in Vancouver, BC.   I will be back….



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3 responses to “Dulcinea – the chocolate cafe

  1. Ursula

    I wish I could be enjoying all this nommy goodness with you!

    • Rach

      Me too! Come for a visit when the weather is warmer 🙂 Right now it’s sunny but the past few weeks it’s been solid rain!

  2. Fantastic… kinda stunning theme. I will blog about it also.

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