Recipe: not quite everything but the kitchen sink meal…

The other night I decided a melange of things from my fridge could be used to make a meal.  I have no formal culinary training so I just guess at what things go together (I stress the guess part!) I went to my favourite almost free grocery store for a jar of sundried tomatoes – because that’s obviously the perfect match for leftover coconut milk – and then added this to leftover chicken and vegetables from the fridge.  Surprisingly this hot mess of sundried tomatoes, coconut milk, garlic, snow peas, green beans and chicken served over brown rice (the ultimate food cancellation tool) was actually quite nommy.  



Sundried tomatoes & coconut milk - le nommy hot mess...

Sorry – no recipe to share because it was really odds & sods from the fridge, but I have discovered that coconut milk + sundried tomatoes = surprisingly nommy



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