Saffron Indian Cuisine – miam miam!

The other night, I went for dinner at a rather small, unassuming restaurant called Saffron Indian Cuisine in Burnaby.  Little did I know that I had actually been to this restaurant about a year ago while visiting friends in Vancouver for their lunch buffet, which I recall was a tasty treat.  This time, it was a la carte and I can say that I wasn’t disappointed.

To start with, we were given papadums with this green sauce that resembled algae, but thankfully didn’t taste like it 🙂  

Papadums with yummy green dipping sauce

Papadums with yummy green dipping sauce

For our main courses we ordered butter chicken, lamb vindaloo, daal makhani and chicken tikka masala, along with naan and basmati rice.  The dishes were of decent size (I’m a fan of larger portions because who doesn’t love leftovers) and the meat was tender and flavourful and the sauces were a fiesta for my tiny taste buds to behold.  The naan was warm and carbolicious goodness…  The daal makhani was quite nice but I’m still looking for amazing daal like I had in Paris.  Yes I realize that sounds a bit ridiculous since Paris isn’t exactly an Indian food hotspot, but the daal I had was darn tasty stuff!   

Warm, carby naan goodness....

Warm, carby naan goodness....

The apres meal carnage....

The apres meal carnage....

Saffron Indian Cuisine is located at 5-4300 Kingsway, Burnaby, not too far from the Metrotown giant mega shopping centre.  I only wish it was closer to my neighbourhood!


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