Urban Fare – I’m smitten….

As much as I’ve been trying to love my local No Frills grocery store and its almost free prices, I must admit that I have a tiny little crush on Urban Fare.  Okay, make that a giant crush that hopefully won’t turn into a full blown love affair.  I’m a yuppie when it comes to many things, as much as it pains me to admit it.  Urban Fare, with its aisles brimming with overpriced beautifully packaged items, chunks of wrapped Callebaut chocolate and gorgeous bread is a total yuppie foodie heaven and I’m truly smitten.  

I didn’t want to get carried away with items, so I stuck to a few things that struck my fancy.  I ended up with coffee from 49th Parallel roasters – the packaging alone is worth the price, and garam masala in a shiny silver tin.  Me likes shiny…..On the recommendation from the fabulous foodie & wine guru Stephen Bonner, I also bought chocolate peanut butter and decided I should really try Nusco, the Dutch version of Nutella.  

My haul from Urban Fare

My haul from Urban Fare

I managed to polish off the jar of Nusco in a day.  Not something I’m particularly proud of (well, maybe just a little), but it was mighty tasty stuff.  The texture was much less gooey than Nutella, so it goes down smoother while eating directly from the jar with a spoon 🙂



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4 responses to “Urban Fare – I’m smitten….

  1. Michele

    I told Alex that Nutella tastes best on a spoon!

  2. The Nusco sounds tasty and hate to admit but I finished your Nutella you left at home the same way even though I thought it was bad manners to eat from the jar with a spoon

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