Finch’s tea & coffee

Greetings loyal readers (all 5 of you & my mom!),

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been rather busy helping out a friend.  Not to worry though – the hiatus from posts should hopefully be short lived and I will be posting more regularly from now on.

Today I met a lovely friend from Ottawa for coffee and to catch up.  We’re both in the process of getting accustomed to our new home and despite loving it here, it’s a bit of an adjustment.  We went to a sweet little tea & coffee house called Finch’s on West Pender in Vancouver.  I’d never been there before and it was a welcome change from the multitude of Starbucks and Blenz that dot the downtown landscape.  

I was completely craving snacks, so I opted for a rather large chocolate chip cookie and a giant mocha.  The cookie was exactly what I was needing.  I must admit it wasn’t as good as mine (yes I’m biased) but it really hit the spot.  



Mocha from Finch's

Shabby chic furniture at Finch's

Shabby chic furniture at Finch's

Finch’s closes at 5:00 pm and next time, I’m going to check out their assortment of baguettes for lunch.  Finch’s is located at 353 West Pender (corner of Pender and Homer),


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  1. Thanks for the blog update. I’ve never been to Finch’s and walk by it at least three times a week. Time to check it out. I hear their sandwiches are very good as well.

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