Saturday – eating in Vancouver

A friend was in town from Ottawa on Saturday, so we had a lovely day of eating and visiting the aquarium.   I’m bloody clueless about the restaurants in my new city.  I found a Cactus Club, so figured that was a safe bet for a basic lunch.  It reminds me a lot of Milestones and Earls, so you know what you’re getting each time you go there.  It’s not going to be akin to a religious experience, but it does a decent job.

We started off with a plate of yam frites – I ate about 85% of them.  They were very tasty, but could’ve done with less salt and more dipping sauce.  

Yam frites

Yam frites

Since I employ my non-scientific “food cancellation” theory, I opted for the Raincoast Greens salad, with chicken, avocado, nuts and blueberries.  The salad was decent but after a stomach full of yam frites, it was too large for me to finish.


After consuming enough food to feed a small island nation, I rolled around the Vancouver Aquarium.  Sadly my plan to kidnap an otter was foiled when I realized my bathtub isn’t nearly big enough for an otter to swim in. We did, however, manage to see the Kraft peanut butter bears doing a charitable campaign outside the aquarium.  They were surprisingly resistant to being kidnapped, despite my promise of sugary snacks 🙂


Kraft peanut butter bear...surprisingly resistant to becoming my housepet

Kraft peanut butter bear...surprisingly resistant to becoming my housepet

That evening, we went to a restaurant in my area of the city called Nook.  There was a small line up to get in, which can sometimes be indicative of a good meal – and sometimes not.  Sadly this was the latter.  

I ordered a margarita pizza while my friend ordered gnocchi.  The pizza was a festival of mediocrity.  The execution wasn’t the problem – it was the sheer lack of flavour.  The crust was highly bland, there was not enough sauce, too much salt from the cheese and it needed more basil.  I made pizza in one of my courses in Paris and in no way, shape or form did this pizza taste anything close to that.  Even my friend, who is not exactly a foodie, found the pizza to be woefully adequate.  The gnocchi was slightly more flavourful than the pizza.  

Looks can be deceiving - margarita blandsville...

Looks can be deceiving - margarita blandsville...

I really wanted to like Nook as it seems to be a popular local hangout, but sadly I cannot go back there. However, it has given me a new purpose – the quest for decent pizza in Vancouver.  If not, I’m going to consider opening a pizzeria in my kitchen…



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4 responses to “Saturday – eating in Vancouver

  1. How could the KPB Bear resist the charms of becoming your pet? That’s just wrong.

  2. Rach

    Good idea! Perhaps he sensed I was a Nutella household and was scared off!

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