Designers Guild fabrics – tres jolie!

Having such exquisite taste can be a blessing and a curse.  I’m currently coveting fabrics from the British manufacturer the Designers Guild.  Their fabrics are an explosion of stunning colour and opulence.  All I can say is I’m in love and I want them for living room cushions.  The huge downside – they are not almost free.  

In case you haven’t noticed, my taste in decor veers towards French styles, but a bit more toned down than the luxe looks of Versailles.  The fabric I’m in love with is called Almaviva.  I covet her in turquoise and fuchsia.  She is so girly…so pretty…so French…and strangely she would be a gorgeous juxtaposition with my more modern furnishings and my beautiful turquoise wool blanket from Dublin.  

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Printable image of the almaviva fuchsia swatch

Almvaviva fuchsia – photo courtesy of

Printable image of the almaviva turquoise swatch

…and Almvaviva Turquoise….

For excellent eye candy, check out the Designers Guild web site (  I’m starting to rethink my opinions on wallpaper as a result.





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3 responses to “Designers Guild fabrics – tres jolie!

  1. Wow! Gorgeous them.. So rich.

  2. kookiemeaster

    Are you going to buy some? What are you going to do with it?

    • Rach

      I’d love to buy some but sadly it’s not almost free 😦 I would like to make some pillows with it for the living room. Miffy needs something nice to lounge against afterall 🙂

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