Lovisa Wattman mugs – pure genius

On my visit to Stockholm, I picked up a set of two mugs by industrial designer Lovisa Wattman.  Since unpacking said mugs from their cocoon of bubblewrap, I’m happy to report that they are pure genius.  

Genius mugs

Genius mugs

I must admit I had my doubts about using a mug sans handle for my coffee, which seems to be the practice at cafes in Stockholm.  However, these mugs are genius – they keep my coffee warm and my hands cool.  This to me is what fabulous design is all about:  incredibly functional and great looking.  My only small complaint is that I wish the rubber base was a bit sturdier for us clumsy folks.

Sadly Lovisa Wattman mugs are not available in Canada as far as I can tell (please someone prove me wrong!)  You can order them online from the uber cool design store Designtorget http://www.designtorget.se/designtorget/se/


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