My awesome new neighbourhood….

My apologies for the lack of blog posts, but I’ve been in the midst of moving to Vancouver.  Saturday consisted of a 5 hour flight to Vancouver with my bunny Daisy.  She was surprisingly a very good jetsetter and upon arrival at my apartment, claimed the bedroom as her own (no shock there!)

I’m still without a tv (the horror…the horror….), a phone (I’m a geek who loves a good landline) and internet access (all hail free wi-fi!)  Hopefully this situation will be rectified shortly.  However, I have managed to unpack a good chunk of my stuff.  I don’t know whatever possessed me to bubblewrap the hell out of everything, but it made unpacking like what I imagine Christmas in purgatory to be – unwrapping stuff that’s already yours and it takes forever…

Anyway, here are some pictures for you from the fantastic Pride Parade held this past weekend in my awesome new neighbourhood.  Note to self – do not try to run errands while there is a parade going on…take photos of the fabulousness instead…..Hope you enjoy my posts from this fantastic city that I’m proud to call our new home.

love Rachel & Princess Daisy xoxo 🙂


Marie Antoinette never looked so good....

Marie Antoinette never looked so good....


The most adorable float....

The most adorable float....


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