Cafe Paradiso

Today I had my third lunch date this week.  This time I went to Cafe Paradiso on Bank Street in downtown Ottawa.  It’s one of my lunch time favourites, but the downside is that it’s often packed and noisy.  Today it was busy but thankfully not as loud as usual.  

I ordered the sesame chili chicken wrap with salad and my lovely lunch date ordered a chicken club with yummy fries.  I appreciated my friend’s patience as I told her I had to photograph our lunch before we could eat 🙂

Chili chicken wrap and salad

Sesame chili chicken wrap and salad

Chicken club sandwich & fries

Chicken club sandwich & fries

The wrap was filled with tender pieces of chicken in a tasty chili sauce, vegetables and vermicelli.  The salad had a decent vinaigrette, but the curly vegetables are not exactly elegant to eat (for me at least).  I appreciate that their food is consistently good, despite the lunch time rush.  

I will miss lunches at Cafe Paradiso and most of all, the good company I’ve eaten with over the years.  Cafe Paradiso is located at 199 Bank Street in downtown Ottawa.


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