Lunch at Play

I’ve been quite the social butterfly the past few days, making the rounds of Ottawa restaurants for lunches and dinners with friends.  Today I had lunch with one of my lovely friends at Play in Ottawa’s Byward Market.  Play is one of my favourites, serving small plates of tasty goodness.  It’s also not too shabby looking either, with soothing blue walls and a shiny, pretty cheese fridge that I’ve never seen the likes of before.

The interior of Play

The interior of Play - cheese fridge on the right hand side...

I’m a firm believer in my non-scientific “food cancellation theory”, so I opted for a light lunch of roasted tomato soup with lemongrass and zucchini relish, followed by dessert (vegetables cancel out the dessert).  The soup had a velvety texture and a decent kick to it.  I also liked the addition of zucchini relish to break up the texture just a slight bit.  

Roasted tomato soup

Roasted tomato soup

 For dessert, my friend ordered the pavlova with berries and cardamon cream.  It was like eating a tasty, creamy cloud – miam miam!

Airy yet tasty pavlova...

Airy yet tasty pavlova...

I ordered the espresso creme brulee with cranberry biscotti.  I think I was spoiled with the creme brulee I had in Paris because this one wasn’t exactly taking my breath away.  It was properly executed but it lacked a decent espresso flavour.  The cranberry biscotti was decent and the presentation was beautiful, but I was expecting something more.  Perhaps I should’ve ordered the yummy pavlova instead 🙂

Espresso creme brulee with cranberry biscotti & blueberries

Espresso creme brulee with cranberry biscotti & blueberries

Play is located at 1 York Street in Ottawa’s Byward Market.


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