Nightstand – apres paint

I finished the second coat of paint on my nightstand yesterday.  I must say it looks quite lovely and I’m afraid my photos do not adequately capture its new colour.  By the way, I don’t recommend packing for a move and painting furniture at the same time.  It seems like a good idea but it’s rather tiring!

Nightstand pre makeover

Nightstand pre makeover


Post makeover....

Post makeover....and nicely imperfect!

 After cleaning and sanding with a sanding sponge, I painted the nightstand with two coats of Behr’s Aqua spray.  I was pleased with how it turned out as I wanted it to look somewhat imperfect and like it came from a French farmhouse (yes it’s via Mexico but this is my decor fantasy, so just go with it!)

My plan is to replace the existing paint-covered hardware with simple brushed metal and keep my bedside accessories simple – the silver clock, a beautiful silver & black lamp I bought in Saskatoon and a glass of water…

Lamp to decorate nightstand

Lamp from Saskatoon shop Esteem for the Home

By the way, please ignore the total mess that appears in the background of my photos.  Moving + painting + not vaccuuming = tres messy 🙂  I am excited to embrace a more minimalist interior in my shoebox sized pied a terre near English Bay.  I’ll keep you posted with photos!



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2 responses to “Nightstand – apres paint

  1. Oooh, I don’t think I’d noticed the lamp before now. I really like it!!

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