Bed linens from Paris – my inspiration….

I took a break from packing to put the first coat of blue paint on my nightstand.  Coat #2 goes on tomorrow and I will post the finished result.  For my new apartment, I’m going for a bit  of a French country look mixed with modern French/Scandinavian, an iPig and Wonder Woman lunchbox (because my place has to reflect me and my quirks!)  

I chose the colours for my bedroom furniture to match the super fantastique bed linens from Liou that I got in Paris.  The specific duvet and small cushions I bought are called So Grey (photo courtesy of and I think the paint colours I’ve chosen will hopefully be a pretty combo with these chic linens.  

Stay tuned for the magical transformation of Mexican pine furniture into my version of something hopefully chic!



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4 responses to “Bed linens from Paris – my inspiration….

  1. Caroline

    Love the Linen! It is so very elegant.

  2. Rach

    aww – thanks! I’m sure you came home with beautiful things from your trip too 🙂

  3. Nicky

    C’est superbe! Poupousky love it too, it matches her fur! OK… with her, it’s always all about her. Like a nièce I know….

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