Chinese Indian fusion – Chili Pepper House

While in Vancouver last week, my friend took me to a Chinese Indian restaurant called the Chili Pepper House for dinner.  Since I’m a huge fan of Indian food, I was very curious to try Chinese food with an Indian twist.  

We started off with vegetarian and chicken pakoras.  I think I enjoyed the vegetarian ones a little more than my friend.  However, the chicken ones tasted a little too “deep-fried-now-I-must-have-angioplasty” for my liking.



The pakoras were followed by chicken with cashews, chicken curry and a chicken fried rice dish (yes I like chicken).  I was hoping for a true fusion of the two types of cuisines.  However, the food did not have much of an Indian flavour to it, or at least not enough for my liking.  My friend informed me that the other Chinese Indian restaurant nearby was much better – and that he had taken my brother there 🙂  I will have to try that place next time.  

Chicken dishes at Chili Pepper House

Chicken dishes at Chili Pepper House

Chili Pepper House is located at 3003 Kingsway, Vancouver.  

By the way, if any Vancouverites know of other interesting fusion restaurants, please let me know.  I’m loving the diverse cuisine in that city and I can’t wait to try more.


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