Decorating my new pad for almost free….

As many of you are aware, I’m moving across Canada shortly into a tiny little apartment.  My to do list is almost coma-inducing right now, so I won’t bore you with the gory details.  Why my cable company needs 30 days notice is beyond me…  

Normally I blog about food and my travels related to food.  However, I am also a huge fan of home design and decor.  In addition to food, I am going to be chronicling my efforts to decorate my tiny apartment on the cheap (because I’m on a sabbatical) and with items I have picked up from my travels.  I am by no means a Sarah Richardson or Martha Stewart kind of DIY person.  To me blow torches are only good for creme brulee or if you’re the Jennifer Beals character in Flashdance.  Please have low expectations – this is the only way they can hopefully be surpassed – lol!  I may not know furniture placement, but I know shiny things…


My philosophy - going up on the wall of my new place

My philosophy - going up on the wall of my new place



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8 responses to “Decorating my new pad for almost free….

  1. Lora

    You must hang this in the bakery/cafe. Perhaps in a series of different colours….

  2. Rach

    Agreed. I think it comes in a beautiful robin’s egg blue 🙂 Am in full purge mode right now – can’t believe how much junk I’ve accumulated over the years. I will embrace minimalism……at least that’s the goal!

  3. Michele

    If you think that you have junk, imagine what could be hidden away in a two-story house with a basement!

    • Rach

      lol! I can only imagine what’s in your basement 🙂 Friends cannot get over how much stuff I’m getting rid of. this is what happens when you rarely move – stuff accumulates!

  4. Rach

    I’m giving away – some to people I know, some to charity. Basically I just want it gone!

  5. Michele

    I totally understand.

    I keep thinking that I should have a garage sale but I really hate the whole garage sale process. Ick.

    • Rach

      Yeah, it seems like a big pain. I’m surprised how picky some people are when I’m giving stuff away. It’s free – just take it!

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