Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession is not the title of my autobiography (mine would have scratch & sniff stickers and recipes galore).  Instead it is a cute little dessert place in a residential area of Vancouver.  You’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge of the areas of Vancouver.  I’ll be moving here shortly and I’m still figuring out where things are and that I cannot legally live in a dumpster near the beach.  Yes I know – that’s totally oppressive 🙂

After stuffing my pie hole with Thai food, my friends took me to Sweet Obsession for dessert.  It’s rather hard for me to judge baked goods in Canada after spending so much time eating them in Paris.  I ordered a slice of the hedgehog cake (no hedgehogs were harmed in the production of said cake), while my friends ordered lemon mousse cake & biscotti and my mom ordered a brownie.  

My understanding is that hedgehog flavour is chocolate and hazelnut.  However, I tasted no chocolate whatsoever in the cake and it seemed to consist of layers of light sponge cake and a hazelnut buttercream.  The cake was fairly light but could’ve been a bit more moist and  I would’ve loved a strong chocolate flavour to the cake (akin to Nutella).  I had a taste of the lemon mousse cake and the lemon flavour was delightfully tart.  No disgustingly sweet lemon action going on there.  Mom told me her brownie was a bit dry and that she could bake better brownies.  This didn’t shock me because she’s amazing in the kitchen.  There’s a hint of bias on my part, but others will vouch for her baking prowess 🙂 

Cake from Sweet Obsession

Cake from Sweet Obsession

Next time I’m going to order one of the chocolate confections because I must say they looked gorgeous. Sweet obsession (http://www.sweetobsession.ca) is located at 2611 West 16th Avenue in beautiful Vancouver.



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4 responses to “Sweet Obsession

  1. Lora

    In my opinion, the best lemon tart in the city is at Provence. It is awesome. Tart and tangy….yum.

    As for Sweet Obsession, my favourite is the pumpkin maple cheesecake that they make in the autumn. They have a triple chocolate mousse cake that isn’t too shabby either.

  2. Nicky

    It’s looks very good! I love hazelnut and choco but what I want, what I realy really want (like the Spice girls would sing… (not that I’m a fan)) is Gumma’s brownies! Voilà! I’m waiting to taste her masterpiece brownies and shout to the world: MIAM!!!!! 🙂

  3. Michele

    Have you had your blood sugar levels checked?

    • Rach

      Not since I got back from Europe. They’ve always been normal in the past but then again I’ve never gone on a sugar bender like I did in Paris. However, I really don’t want to know what my cholesterol and all those HDL/LDL things are at post-Paris. I think butter now flows freely through my veins 🙂

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