Home sweet home – and jetlagged too…

I arrived home last night after quite the journey.  Arriving at around 6:30 am at Dublin’s airport (that can best be described as chaotic), I discovered my 9:40 flight was delayed until 12:10.  Spending endless hours at Dublin’s airport is not exactly my definition of living the dream, especially when the airport was packed and disgustingly hot, and Vanity Fair magazine costs more than 6 euros.

The flight to Toronto was long (7 1/2 hours) but uneventful and I was fortunate to have a lovely woman from Ohio sitting next to me.  Air Canada has fantastic inflight entertainment, so I was able to watch 3 movies:  Wendy & Lucy (about a girl and her dog), Taken (Liam Neeson is a very dashing fellow) and the Wrestler (I miss Mickey Rourke’s handsome face from the ’80s but the flick was good).  Plus I admire the fact that they are food pushers on those long flights.  When I’m hungry enough, plane food will almost suffice.

I missed my connection in Toronto, but luckily made it onto a later flight home.  It is nice to be home, but I’m now suffering jet lag.  I think I had a conversation with my brother last night while I was half asleep.  Alex, sorry if I was totally incoherent.  Honestly I thought you were a wake-up call!

Thanks to all of the super fantastique people I met during my European adventure.  From the young people working at the creperies in Paris and Dublin, to my cousin and her bright, talented friends, you made my adventure truly amazing.   

The next part of my adventure involves moving across Canada with Daisy.  I will continue blogging about food and my adventures in the kitchen.  Thanks to all of you for taking part in my adventures with me!

Bisous xoxo





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7 responses to “Home sweet home – and jetlagged too…

  1. ST

    Oh my gosh, you’re back! Time has flown by and the European adventure is over. 😦 But there’s more to come. Welcome home cherie. 🙂

  2. kookiemaster

    Welcome back. I look forward to the pillage party … although I’m sure I won’t be the only one sad (and envious) to see you go live the life in beautiful BC.

    How was Daisy bun? Did she give you the silence treatment?

    • Rach

      Thanks 🙂 If you’re free tomorrow, you can commence pillaging! I think I’ll have the formal pillage party after I’m back on the 12th from vancouver. I’m a total jetlagged space cadet now 🙂

      Daisy bun gave me the Guantanamo Bay treatment and gave me a binky when it was snack time. She seemed okay with the whole thing. Perhaps her conception of time is different – or the fact she had a live-in caregiver to boss around meant she didn’t care I was back 🙂

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