Good bye Dublin!

Tomorrow I set off on the long journey back to Canada.  Perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic because it’s not like I have to swim across the Atlantic and Air Canada does have personal sized tv sets for me to watch Twilight yet again…

I bid a fond farewell to Dublin, the city of Guinness and leprechauns and all sorts of other good Irish things.  As one whose alcohol of choice is sugary snacks, I made the best of staying in pub central and found a number of cool things to do:

1.  Crepes at the Half Moon Crepe Company – I ate at this place 3 days in a row and it was a very yummy calorific way to start off my day.  I recommend the Nutella and banana crepes and their cafe lattes.  Ursula, you rule for recommending this and are also responsible for my pants being so tight 🙂


Nutella & banana crepe carnage...

Nutella & banana crepe carnage...

2. Free museums – there are a number of museums that are actually free in Dublin.  For art fans, I recommend a trip to the National Gallery of Ireland.  If archaeology is your bag, then go to the National Museum of Archaeology & History.  For all you dungeons & dragons fans, there’s a cool display of weaponry in that museum, full of maces, axes and other killing implements – plus no lost hit points!


3. Walk down Grafton Street – you will see buskers and likely be accosted by earnest young people asking you to support puppies or starving orphans or give you a flyer for something you have zero interest in.  Visit the posh shop Brown Thomas and curse the euro for being such a strong currency, then visit Marks & Spencer just to admire their devotion to “crisps” and other salty snacks.


She was one of the talented musicians...

She was one of the talented musicians...

4. Wander around St. Stephen’s Green – and make sure your camera battery is charged!  It’s a festival of photosynthesis in this place.  Soak it all up and enjoy!




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2 responses to “Good bye Dublin!

  1. Moose

    Nice photos. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Have a safe trip home.


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