Dublin….leprechauns & buskers…

Well, I’ve arrived at the last European city on my journey – Dublin.  I spent the afternoon wandering around the Temple Bar and Grafton Street areas of the city.  Let’s just say it’s not a city to be in if one is a recovering alcoholic – bars are everywhere…..almost makes me wished I liked beer!

I’ve managed to find a leprechaun.  He was a whole lot larger than I’d been led to believe by those Frosted Lucky Charms commercials.




Grafton Street also has a lot of buskers and other street performers.  No I did not see that guy from the film Once playing his guitar, but that’s kind of what it reminded me of.  Some of them were good….some, not so much.  Fortunately this clown marionette playing piano was actually more cute than creepy.


Clown marionette playing piano....

Clown marionette playing piano....

I am off in search of good crepes and chocolate.  Every city has chocolate….even Dublin 🙂


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