Stockholm – museums and an island visit

Yesterday afternoon I arrived in Stockholm from Paris.  I must admit to having a bit of culture shock after spending more than a month in la belle Paris.  Here the streets are wider, cars stop for pedestrians, there are fewer people and it kinda reminds me of Canada.  

Today I planned to do a boat tour of the archipeligo.  However, the boat place I went to offered a different trip, so I figured why not get on the boat and see where it would take me.  The boat took me to a cute little island called Fjaderholmarna, where you can look at the work of local artisans, go for a walk and stop for coffee and cake.  


View of Stockholm from the boat

View of Stockholm from the boat




After eating a small piece of almond cake on the island and purchasing some lovely pottery from a local merchant, I returned to Stockholm and began my afternoon as a culture vulture.

First I walked over to the Moderna Museet and the adjoining Arkitekturmuseet (aka Modern Art museum and Architecture museum).  There are some rather interesting sculptures leading up to the museum.  


sculptures leading to the Moderna Museet


Inside the museum are some really wacky pieces of art.  My favourite was a bizarre installation called Ketchup Sandwich – and yes there were actual bottles of heinz ketchup all over the floor in various states of use.  The museum also includes a coffee bar, a cool gift shop, automatic glass doors and washrooms are equipped with a hand dryer made by Dyson (the vacuum cleaner company).


Latte from the museum's coffee bar

Latte from the museum's coffee bar

 Attached to the museum is a small architecture museum.  If you like small models of buildings, it’s an interesting place to go.  There are no tiny people to go inside the buildings, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.   I’m more interested in industrial design so I was a little less excited about the tiny buildings.

I walked in the rain to the National Museum, which features a collection of art ranging from Swedish artists to Rembrandt and Dali.  After visiting the Louvre with its masses of tourists, it was a relief to not feel crushed in a museum.   Disapproving rabbits are also sweeping into Stockholm.  They have yet to make as much headway in Northern Europe as they have in Paris, but mark my words….they are on their way….


Art at the National Museum

Art at the National Museum


bunnies disapproving of the museum...

bunnies disapproving of the museum...


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