Au revoir Paris….

We had joy, we had fun….we had seasons in the rain and a bit of sun…Paris, je t’aime.  You’ve been a more gracious host than I could’ve expected.  I will still never quite get the French but I think it’s more important to appreciate them rather than attempt to understand them.


Here are a few of the many highlights of my Parisian adventure:

1) chocolates, pastries, other sugary delights and my pastry courses


2) les super fantastique architecture

3) les musees


4) les beautiful gardens and parks


5) les people watching


6) all the wonderful people I’ve met  – from tourists to expats, you’ve made my time here so special and I’m so fortunate to have met you all

7) and last but not least….les bunnies….Paris, be kind to your new bunny overlords.  They make your disdain seem mild in comparison 🙂



I’m off to Stockholm so I can start stalking ABBA…..and of course I’ll be blogging about the food & design there.

Au revoir…..

Rach xoxo



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3 responses to “Au revoir Paris….

  1. Stockholm is very nice too. Efficient and friendly. Just what you want. Just be warned – the Swedish kroner is different than the Norwegian or the Danish kroner, much like the Canadian dollar is different than the U.S. dollar.

  2. Caroline

    It was very nice to have cooked with you, Hope your time in Stockholm is wonderful!

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