Tea at Mariage Freres

My adorable cousin is staying with me in Paris until Monday and she took me for afternoon tea at a beautiful place called Mariage Freres at 35 rue du Bourg-Tibourg.  The waiters are dressed in cute white coats and pants and the tea selection is mind boggling.  I went for a classic with a twist:  earl grey from South Africa, while my cousin went with a type of Assam tea with a name that I can’t even hazard a guess at its spelling.  We also ordered cakes to go with our afternoon tea:  chocolate with berry filling for me and chocolate cherry for my cousin – miam miam!

Tea and cakes at Mariage Freres

Tea and cakes at Mariage Freres

The cake was delicate and airy and the slices were thankfully not tiny.  My tea had a stronger bergamot taste than regular earl grey.  I normally prefer very weak tea, but the strong tea had no bitter aftertaste.  No clue how the tea wizards manage to do that, but it was super fantastique!

Wall of teas....

Wall of teas....

A word of warning – the tea pots are big, so make sure your post-tea activities are in the vicinity of a restroom!   Additionally, teas are available for purchase, as are tea pots and other cool tea accessories.

There are four Mariage Freres locations in Paris.  Teas are also available for purchase at the the Galeries Lafayette, Printemps and Bon Marche department stores, and online at http://www.mariagefreres.com.



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2 responses to “Tea at Mariage Freres

  1. Marcia Franks

    Mariage Freres is simply the best tea in the world. When I visit Paris my top three favorite tea shops are Mariage, Laudree, and Angelinas. I have Mariage teas shipped to me in Tennessee. WONDERFUL!!!

    • Rach

      I loved the tea there – glad you’re able to get it shipped to you in Tennessee 🙂 I think that’s something I need to look into!

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