Indian & North African food in the 17th arrondissement

My parents have been in town for a conference and are staying close to le Palais de Congres in the 17th arr in Paris.  As a result, we decided to try out the restaurants in this part of Paris – one that isn’t frequented by many tourists. 

We went for Indian food at a restaurant called India Restaurant on Rue de Debarcadere.  The pakoras were not exactly the festival of goodness I was imagining and my dad’s roti was overcooked.  However, this restaurant serves a mean plate of dal (curried lentils) and the naan is warm, puffy bread goodness.  Normally, I hate Indian desserts, but I tried kulfi (it’s a bit like pistachio ice cream) and it was cold, sweet and creamy.  Kulfi….it’s supremely awesome stuff….

The price isn’t ridiculous for Paris, but is not almost free.  Price for four including bottled water and desserts was around 100 euros.


Yummy naan at India Restaurant

Yummy naan at India Restaurant

We went to a second Indian restaurant called Kirane’s on 83 avenue de Terne.  Yes, we like Indian food a lot – it’s part of the gene pool 🙂  The portion sizes were smaller than at India Restaurant, the dal wasn’t as tasty and this kulfi lover had her heart broken by subpar kulfi with a grainy texture.  However, there were a few upsides:  flaky vegetable samosas served with an assortment of sauces (ummm….tamarind…), wicked awesome stuffed paratha (roti stuffed with vegetables) and chicken tikka with sag (tender pieces of tandoor chicken served in a sauce with spinach).   

Samosas at Kirane's

Samosas at Kirane's

Our meal at Kirane's

Our meal at Kirane's

 A better bang for the buck is Chez Bebert at 277 Boul. Pereire.  Each table starts off with what seems to be the equivalent of North African tapas:  small plates of a variety of vegetarian delights, including spiced carrots, potatoes, mixed vegetables, beets, samosa like objects and olives.  The menu provides a variety of couscous and tangine dishes.  The couscous meals provide a lot of food:  a trough of couscous and a giant bowl filled with broth and vegetables, along with an assortment of toppings, including white beans, raisins, chickpeas and a spicy red sauce.  Your choice of meat is provided on a plate for each individual and it is one restaurant in Paris that provides satisfactory vegetarian options.  Prices for tangine and couscous dishes are in the range of 15-20 euros.

Chicken couscous carnage....

Chicken couscous carnage....

le couscous extravaganza....apres moi :)

le couscous extravaganza....apres moi 🙂


Tangine carnage....


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