Musee Rodin

After hearing raves from a few people, I decided to check out the Musee Rodin today.  I think I picked the perfect day – the weather was sunny and warm, with a slight breeze – the best type of weather to view the gardens of the Musee Rodin.  

I had a somewhat longish metro ride to get there (by my standards), with an accordian player on one train and a singer on my connection.  It rather paled in comparison to my metro ride home, which I will tell you about after I discuss the museum.

For 6 euros, you get admission to the museum and the gardens.  The best part of this museum are the lush, perfectly manicured gardens filled with some of Rodin’s sculptures, including the Thinker.

Hmmm...what should I have for lunch?

Hmmm...what should I have for lunch?


Sculpture and museum in the background

Sculpture and museum in the background

The museum includes more of Rodin’s sculptures and a room devoted to the works of Camille Claudel (no I have not seen the movie).  Additionally, there was a bizarre video installation by a British artist involving people confessing things while wearing creepy masks.  I say skip that part and watch an episode of A&E’s “Intervention” instead..  



Pretty flowers in the garden

Pretty flowers in the garden

I couldn’t stop smiling while walking through those beautiful gardens.  It was a perfect day, until I took the metro home.  It was a normal metro trip until a guy got on at one stop and started talking to me very quickly in French.  My French is so bad that I barely understood a word he was saying.  At first I thought he was asking for money, then I realized I think he wanted my seat.  I tried to ignore him because he was creeping me out, but the woman next to me gave him her seat just so he’d be quiet.  He kept nattering on to me at breakneck speed, likely insulting me for not giving up my seat.  I finally said to him “Je parle anglais”.  He was super nice to me after that – grabbed my hand and kissed it (later I hand sanitized it to death) and offered me his cookies.  Very bizarre….then when he got off the metro he was harassing two young women who were standing near the metro door.  They looked creeped out too!

The Musee Rodin is at 79 rue de Varenne and is open everyday except Monday.


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