Tati – a rather special experience….

This morning my friend and I headed to Tati, which she informed me was known as Paris’s dirty little secret.   We’re talking at least a whole city block devoted to bargain basement shopping, a bridal shop (Tati Mariage) and a jewellery shop (Tati D’Or).  It was definitely a special experience because I don’t know how else to describe it.


Tati - bargain basement shopping in Paris

Tati - bargain basement shopping in Paris

There is a lot of stuff sold at bargain basement prices (quite a feat to find in Paris).  Apparently fights have been known to break out over items and celebrities have been spotted there, but sadly I did not see one fight nor did I see Catherine Deneuve checking out dishes.  

Some of the children’s clothing was actually quite cute.  However, there was no way to tell where the items had been made and if they had been made by children themselves or by the Keebler elves.  The shoe section smelled like an unsavoury melange of rubber, plastic, leather and chemicals.  Just inhaling those fumes harmed my one functioning neuron.

I helped my friend pick out her “future” wedding dress at Tati Mariage.  It was the least tragic and flammable one of the bunch.  I can’t say bridesmaids get off that easy though.  There were enough sequins and ruffles in there to make a drag queen blush.  My friend picked out a semi-tragic, Dynasty-inspired creation circa 1985 with “sprinkles” on it for me to wear as her future bridesmaid.  Some truly tragic clothing, but it was something to see nonetheless.  


Here comes the bride!

Here comes the bride!

Tati D’Or was a pleasant surprise and not nearly the tacky shiny mess I had hoped it would be.  Here I was expecting gold to be sold by the kilo, but instead it was just like a regular jewellery store.

Sold gold bridesmaid....

Sold gold bridesmaid....with see-through midsection

Tati is located at 4 Boulevard Rochechoart in Paris.  For more information, see http://www.tati.fr.  If you are visiting Paris, this is definitely a store you won’t find listed in Frommers.  It isn’t exactly up there with the Louvre and Notre Dame, but it’s an interesting experience nonetheless 🙂



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4 responses to “Tati – a rather special experience….

  1. Roland

    Gotta love footwear made of an unsavoury melange of rubber, plastic, … and chemicals. Don a pair the morning of a hot summer’s day and simply cross a hot, asphalt-paved street for an immediate vapour-induced pick-me-up. So, did you get a pair? 🙂

  2. Rach

    Sadly, I am sans Tati footwear. I think a certain someone was coveting many pairs though…

  3. Were there Transformers?

  4. Rach

    Don’t recall seeing Transformers, but then again I was in a shoe fume induced haze…

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