Pink Flamingo….pas comme les autres and pup

I went to a pizza place just down the street from my apartment called Pink Flamingo.  The menu is filled with an assortment of interesting pizzas with even more interesting names, such as La Bjork (with smoked salmon) and La Gandhi (with sag paneer).  I opted for the more banal La Dante (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil), while my friend opted for the very tasty and filling La Macias (tangine-cooked chicken and olives).  

The restaurant has a couple of tables outside and a few small ones inside.  Luckily we were able to find one inside, as it seems to be a popular place for the young folks.  We were sitting next to an incredibly adorable and charming young couple who were kind enough to help us navigate the tables so we could actually get ourselves seated.

Another bonus of le resto – a house pup named Tequila.  I only noticed the sleeping mass of pupitude after I had eaten, lying in a corner near the retro ’80s ghetto blaster that played a mixture of Beastie Boys and Tom Waits tunes.  Tequila wanted me to throw his retchedly dirty dog toy to him, but I refused and opted to pet his soft fur instead.  For those afraid of dogs, not to worry – he was on a leash and seemed well trained enough not to beg diners for leftovers..



Le pup Tequila

Le pup Tequila

Pink Flamingo is located at 105 rue Vieille du Temple (  Prices range from 10.5 euros to 16 euros for pizza, 1 euro off for take away orders.  Additionally, they do deliver.


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