Shops & takeaway in le Marais

There are a number of beautiful, not almost free boutiques in my neighbourhood, such as Tara Jarmon, Vanessa Bruno and APC.  However, since I’m a big fan of “almost free”, I’d like to share with you a couple of reasonable priced (for Paris) treasures I’ve managed to find:  

1) Antoine & Charlotte sandwicherie:  45 rue de Turenne.  It’s a take away sandwich stand where you can get a very large panini and a drink for less than 6 euros!  Plus the man that works there is tres nice and I think I’ve become a regular.  It is also open on Sunday, unlike a lot of things in Paris.

2) Home ICD:  8 Rue Francois Bourgeois, just off of rue de Turenne and close to Place des Vosges.  Home ICD sells cool unisex sneakers in a variety of models, travel accessories by Bensimon, clothing and home decor items ranging from pillows to coffee cups.  A good place to find interesting gifts.  Prices range from 5 euros for a sparkly luggage tag to what looked like 500 euros for this basket thingy (or was it 50?).  And no…said basket thingy was not made of diamonds….or cashmere..

3) Anna Kaszer:  16 rue de Turenne ( A cute boutique with unique bags and accessories at reasonable prices (especially for Paris).  For example, a cotton pareo is 26 euros and accessories start around 35 euros.

4) Monoprix:  locations throughout Paris, a good one in the Marais close to rue de Turenne.  For all you Canadians, this is like a chic French Zellers (American readers, perhaps like Target), combined with a grocery store in the downstairs.  Their own brand of shower creme is less than 2 euros and comes in a variety of scents – and it’s as good as sephora shower gel in my opinion.  If you’re in a pinch and looking for basics at a price that won’t break the bank, Monoprix is a safe bet.  


Antoine & Charlotte sandwich shop, rue de Turenne

Antoine & Charlotte sandwich shop, rue de Turenne


Home Concept Store

Home Concept Store


scarf from Anna Kaszer

scarf from Anna Kaszer



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3 responses to “Shops & takeaway in le Marais

  1. Lora

    I love the scarf….love. Now you just have to do a kids shops post.

  2. Ursula

    I wish I had known about that sandwich place–it sounds good!

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