Baking class

I started my first baking class in Paris yesterday.  It was not entirely what I was expecting, since it was geared towards complete beginners.  Nevertheless, I still learned a lot and filled my pie hole with a few goodies.  We made creme brulee, madeleines, pears cooked in wine, molton chocolate cakes and strawberry tarts.


Batter being piped into madeleine molds

Batter being piped into madeleine molds

So here’s what I learned during class:

1) the proper way to hold a piping bag – it makes piping much easier and I apparently have a steady hand (truly shocking!)

2) measuring cups are not required  – we used a scale to measure more accurately.  Note to self:  must buy myself a scale…

3) once you delicately dust your creme brulee with sugar, do not shake the sugar no matter how much you want to.

4) blow torches are very scary when they emit large flames and best kept away from aspiring pyromaniacs

5) consuming yogurt, a chocolate & almond paste croissant, a Berthillon caramel ice cream cone, creme brulee, bites of molton chocolate cake, a bit of pear and a giant pizza all in one day makes one either a crazed sugar junkie or a force to be reckoned with (or perhaps both)


Strawberry tart decorated by me

Strawberry tart decorated by me


Creme brulee pre-blow torch

Creme brulee pre-blow torch blow torch

...and post blow torch



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2 responses to “Baking class

  1. kookiemaster

    Ohhh … that creme brulee looks so yummy. Did you get to handle full sized blowtorches or just those tiny kitchen ones?

    So what happens if you shake the sugar? I’m curious.

    • Rach

      Our instructor told us to use a real blow torch, only it wasn’t working properly. She finally got one working but it was like the towering inferno, so we let her carmelize everyone’s sugar! I think the reason we weren’t supposed to shake the sugar had to do with uneven carmelization or something like that.

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