Le Bon Marche

After another leisurely morning and cafe au lait chez moi, I decided to venture to my newfound metro station and go metroing yet again.  Can we just say it isn’t as easy to add money to a metro card as one might expect, especially when you insert said metro card into the bank card slot – duoh!

Suffice to say, when you look pathetic enough and ask for help, someone will help you.  Eventually everything fell into place…and I metroed almost like a pro, who glances at the subway map constantly…:)

Another lesson learned today:  write down the address of the place you want to go to.   Otherwise, you spend lots of time wandering around until you cave and ask for directions…

I went to Le Bon Marche department store and also, le grande epicerie which I was at last week.  Le Bon Marche has all kinds of interesting things:  shoes with mickey mouse’s head on them, lots of really expensive clothing and cool food processors that came in colours like magenta.  As I’ve been trying not to eat everything all the time, I was mighty starving by the time I hit le grande epicerie.  Here is what I ordered:  a chicken, tzatziki, tomato, lettuce and cheese sandwich.  Le sandwich…je t’aime….


Le sandwich

Le sandwich

There was also an exhibition of stills and movie clips of Italian starlets from the 1950s and 1960s in the basement of the store.  It wasn’t as cool as the bunny exhibit at Printemps, but still interesting nonetheless.  The store also has a kids section with toys, games and also a decent collection of books.  I’m so impressed with these all-in-one stores in Paris.  Where else can you get Yves Delorme linens, Repetto shoes, a jar of Nutella the size of a Smart car and giant stuffed bunnies 🙂  No pictures from inside the store as it’s rather a gauche thing to do and I didn’t want to incur the wrath of angry Parisians…


Italian film exhibit at le Bon Marche

Italian film exhibit at le Bon Marche


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