Picasso Museum and wandering le Marais

On Sunday I moved into my little apartment in le Marais.  Aside from problems with the phone not working (haven’t bought a cell as yet) and it taking about 10 minutes to open up a gazillion locks on the doors (what’s up with Europeans and locks?) I am now happily settled into my apartment.  I also  battled with the washer/dryer that took hours to do one load and discovered that take away Asian food in Paris isn’t exactly great.

Today was a much more enjoyable day.  I had a lazy morning and then went down the street to the Picasso Museum.  After being in the Louvre, the Picasso museum was a nice change and one that can easily be done in a couple of hours or less.  It was very cool to see Picasso’s older works – when people looked more like people, instead of cubes or with heads split in half (not that that isn’t cool too).  I obeyed the signs and refrained from taking photos inside.  Not that other people cared mind you…


Picasso museum

Picasso museum

After Picasso, I walked around le Marais a bit to get my bearings.  I’ve discovered yet again that maps are not my friend.  Strangely two people asked me for directions (guess I need to look more touristy!)  Le sandwich is quite popular in France, so I grabbed one and took it to a park to eat it.  I sat far away from the Smells Like Teen Spirit crowd, in favour of the tinier sandbox crew.  

I wandered around le Marais after my sustenance and discovered my subway stop completely by accident.  Map shmap – all I needed was to wander around enough!  Yes Rach – keep telling yourself that…. I then stopped at a small cafe just around the corner and proceeded to have a delicious cafe au lait.  I can’t do the French coffee – it’s black espresso and I need my lait.


Cafe au lait

Cafe au lait

 There are lots of galleries, boutiques, cafes and restaurants in le Marais.  Sadly the market I went to yesterday was closed today, so I had to go to the supermarket to buy a few things before heading home.  There are also lots of scooters and motorbikes.  Not that I’d ever get one, but I thought this one was so pretty and shiny that I couldn’t resist taking a picture…


Shiny blue vespa

Shiny blue vespa



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3 responses to “Picasso Museum and wandering le Marais

  1. Good stuff!

    Strongly recommend an old fave of mine (esp. for a lunch outside): Le Grizzli at 7, rue St-Martin in the 4th (near Tour St-Jacques).

    Let me know if you go.

    Twitter: Vanguy

    • Rach

      Thanks Torben! I will definitely check it out. Btw, loved your photo of Paris that’s hanging in Lora’s office 🙂 When were you last here?

  2. You don’t like French coffee either?? Sheesh…

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