Hotel in Paris

Sorry – my camera battery died this evening at the Louvre, so you will have to wait a day or two for pictures from my visit to Normandy for a most spectacular lunch.  We’re talking oil tastings, chocolate tastings and asparagus to die for.  Sad that I get excited about asparagus, but I need to balance my sweet tooth with veggies (all part of “food cancellation theory”)

All of the participants on the chocolate tour are staying at a hotel called Hotel Bourgogne-Montana in Paris.  I’m still learning my Parisian geography, but it’s in a great location close to Les Jardins des Tuilleries, the Seine and walking distance to the Louvre.  

Speaking of the Louvre….I went there this evening with a couple of great folks I’ve met on the tour.  It’s amazing how quickly time goes in that museum while feeling like you’ve barely scratched the surface.  I did give my regards to the Mona Lisa.  She’s still looking stunning as ever, but I think my favourite was the fabulous, completely over the top apartments of Napoleon III.  Let’s just say he wasn’t afraid of mixing every shiny object imaginable with a few giant chandeliers thrown in for good measure.

For now, here’s a photo of my more humble quarters for the next few days….plus during my month in Paris I’m going to be rating the museum staff of a variety of places.  So far, the Louvre wins points for rudeness – lol!  Almost being trampled by museum staff wanting to leave for the night was beyond amusing.  This was of course after reiterating many many times that they were closing as we were walking towards the exit….if they had cattle prods, they would’ve used them on us….


My room in Paris at Hotel Bourgogne-Montana

My room in Paris at Hotel Bourgogne-Montana



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2 responses to “Hotel in Paris

  1. ST

    Ah yes … “We’re closed!” said in tone that includes an underlying “now get out!” And that’s how you learn that the stated closing time is really the time staff had to be out of there and halfway home. 🙂

  2. Rach

    lol – so true! Not to mention the looks of disdain that are given to crying babies in restaurants and to people who are a bit too loud. I saw both this evening and enjoyed the disdain sooo much 🙂

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