Day #2 – the Left Bank


Window display at chocolatier Patrick Roger's shop

Window display at chocolatier Patrick Roger's shop - made from chocolate


Inside chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux's store

Inside chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux's store

I’m exhausted after a busy Tuesday of eating and walking around the Left Bank of Paris.  I hope I don’t forget any of the places I went today, but here’s a quick recap.  Breakfast was at Laduree, home of the macaroon.  I had a coffee macaroon and it was positively lovely.  Sadly I was not permitted to take any pictures of the window displays or inside the store, but the packaging is so beautiful that I’m tempted to buy a box just so I can take the box home with me.

After Laduree, we went to visit a number of chocolatiers and bakeries.  Wonderful chocolate tastings at Patrick Roger and Jean-Charles Rochoux and a trip to the chocolate shop of Pierre Marcolini.  We met Jean-Charles Rochoux himself and I had possibly the most amazing chocolate hazelnut spread I’ve ever eaten in my life.  Aside from being the mastermind of this most brilliant invention, Rochoux was fantastically charming and lovely and signed all of our bags for us.  Truly a most super fantastique experience!

Not to be outdone by chocolate, a couple of bakeries really stood out.  We sampled bread at Eric Kayser and the kind people at Poilane’s boulangerie took us on a tour of their bakery.  It was quite something to watch the process of bread making.  Let’s just say there isn’t one bread maker involved….

The afternoon finished with a visit to La Grande Epicerie, which is like the Harrod’s of grocery stores.  There I saw possibly the largest containers of Nutella I’ve ever seen.  One of my fellow tourgoers has offered to buy it for me because she thinks it’s something I really should have.  With a big crusty baguette from Poilane….that would last me maybe a week.

Tomorrow…off to Normandy


Bread dough at Poilaine's boulangerie

Bread dough at Poilaine's boulangerie



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3 responses to “Day #2 – the Left Bank

  1. I enjoy reading your daily blog & pictures about your tour and the gastronomic experience. I only wish I was there to share in this marvelous experience

  2. Michele

    Hey – it’s me Moose. Glad you’re having a “fantastique” time. I like the window display with the veggie-appearing chocolates. Have fun, and don’t forget that my stomach and pie-hole are much bigger than yours (subtle hint – bring me food!).

    • Rach

      Gumma & Moose: wish you were both here with me to eat the fantastique food. Moose, I will buy some stuff for Gumma to bring back to you. Any preferences? Also, what would Michele & the girls like?

      love Rach xoxo 🙂
      ps bunnies are in lots of display windows – not real ones of course!

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