Day #1 – chocolate heaven….


Pastries at Fauchon

Pastries at Fauchon

It was a drizzly day in Paris….but it was also truly heavenly during my visit to Jacques Genin’s chocolaterie.  It started out with hot chocolate….dark chocolate mixed with heavy cream….then we moved on to the tasting melt-in-your-mouth caramels and mille-feuilles.  The piece de resistance:  copious quantities of chocolates from Jacques’ showcase in his gorgeous store.  I must say, sampling rich chocolates at around 10:30 am was enough to make me wish for much larger stomach capacity.  Jacques is a true genius. This chocolate is unlike anything I could buy at home and I really wish I could bring him back in my suitcase!

After that fantastic experience, we went to Fauchon for a bit of siteseeing and shopping.  I’ve never seen an eclair with the Mona Lisa on it before.  Fauchon is an excellent place for gifts and I have a feeling a certain friend of mine may be getting a birthday gift or two from there.  

Lunch followed at a place called Lavinia’s which is a definite must for wine lovers.  Since I know nothing about wine, I won’t bother saying much about it, except for the exceptional molton chocolate cake I had for dessert….that was quite something.

This was topped off with finding the most adorable art installation piece at the Printemps department store.  Giant bunnies in different colours everywhere…




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3 responses to “Day #1 – chocolate heaven….

  1. OMG I feel full just reading what you have written in your excellent descriptive fashion and the pictures are mouthwatering. Bon appetit

  2. kookiemaster

    Yum! I want to eat the orange eclairs. They look delicious!

  3. ST

    Oh babee! New mantra … “must increase capacity” … put all that Pilates training to good use. 🙂

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