Arrival in Paris

Well, I have happily arrived in Paris after a long, very packed flight from Toronto.  All went well in the travel department (I am generally cursed with missing flights).  The airplane food wasn’t exactly good, but memories of that soon faded.

I arrived before check in time at my hotel, so this gave me a couple of hours to wander around in a sleep deprived, jet lagged state.  Needless to say, I did find a super fantastique chocolate macaroon about half a block from the hotel.  No big shock that I discovered this right away. I’ve included a picture of the poor thing just before I stuffed it into my pie hole…  

The ‘hood I’m staying in is in a fantastic location – close to the Seine, the home of that macaroon and as I wandered around I said to myself “holy crap – that’s the Eiffel Tower!”  Did I mention I’m jet lagged??

Tomorrow…I get to eat chocolate from Jacques Genin (he’s apparently a total genius) and go to Laduree for macaroons…keep your fingers crossed that my macaroon class goes well enough that I learn how to make those babees.






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3 responses to “Arrival in Paris

  1. Yum. By the way, here’s the ‘chocolate room’ at Hayman Island resort in Queensland:

  2. looks yummy. expect a duplicate when I visit. just kidding

  3. Your SS

    Hey MS (maccaroon sister),
    Bring me some macaroon
    or I shall cry
    and look like a racoon

    Sorry… It’s been a rough day and I’m macaroon deprived (sleep too) not to mention envious of all these delicious…
    FedEx-moi quelques macarons s’il te plaît mon petit lapin! Bisous

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