Mink chocolates


Over the Easter long weekend, I took my friend to Mink for a sugar hit.  We had never been there before and all I can say is I shall be returning as many times as my waistline will permit.  

Mink is a chocolate shop and a cafe in one.  The menu includes chocolate fondue, a variety of coffee drinks and the most interesting collection of chocolate bars & individuals chocolates that are frankly too gorgeous to eat.  The iced mocha I had was truly decadent and high on my miam miam scale.  I also purchased a variety of chocolate bars:  P.B. Hint of J (you guessed it – peanut butter & jelly), Girls’ Favourite (French hazelnut & almond praline) and Mermaid’s Choice (burnt caramel & fleur de sel, with rosemary).  

At first I was a bit hesitant about the P.B. Hint of J.  I was pleasantly surprised, as the flavours are wonderfully balanced and it is not cloyingly sweet.  It manages to achieve the perfect combination of childhood nostalgia (umm….grape jelly…) with high quality chocolate.  Girls’ Favourite is a classic melange of flavours and Mermaid’s Choice takes caramel and fleur de sel one step further with an unexpected note of rosemary at the end of each bite.

Sorry – I only have pictures of the boxes.  Chocolate does not last long in my household (no shock there!)

Vancouverites and those visiting the fair city, I highly recommend you visit this hidden gem.  Another bonus – the interior is gorgeous too!

Mink is located at 863 West Hastings Street.  For more information, see http://www.minkchocolates.com 


Mink chocolates

Mink chocolates


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